Introducing the HANS™ Premium Water Appliance
Model 2

Residential • Commercial • Industrial Agriculture •  Healthcare

HANS™ Premium Water Appliance Model 2
is the first water treatment solution of its kind.

  • Reduces contaminant levels by up to 99.9%
  • Reduces TDS (up to 3,000 ppm) levels by up to 99%
  • Industry-best recovery rate of up to 90%
  • Output of up to nine gallons per minute
  • Removes hardness… without salt**
  • Adds minerals for taste and pH balance
  • Provides clean water for your whole business or home
  • Continuously monitors water quality and usage
  • Variable-speed pump that adjusts for fluctuations in water demand
  • Automatically detects incoming TDS levels and adjusts to compensate for fluctuations
  • Designed for well water and municipal water using chlorine or chloramines
  • Does not require an add-on pressure tank

Four-stage system

  1. Removes sediment and debris.
  2. Removes chlorine, chloramines and sulfur.
  3. Removes lead, arsenic, PFAS, iron**, hardness** and a host of other contaminants.
  4. Reintroduces minerals for pH balance and better taste.

Filter Solutions based on your water needs

Well Water

Stage 1: 10-Micron Sediment Filter
Stage 2: Catalytic Carbon

City Water
treated with Chlorine/Chloramines

Stage 1: Catalytic Carbon
Stage 2: Catalytic Carbon

All Filter Packages Include Stage 4
Metered Calcite Mineralization for pH Adjustment and Taste

For high-demand applications, multiple HANS Premium Water Appliances can be installed in parallel. This can drastically reduce downtime as one unit can be taken off line for service without disrupting water flow, keeping your business running and profitable.

Rugged exterior 740mm wide x 1350mm tall
Easy servicing and Cooling vents - 990mm deep

Operating Limits

Water temperature (min/max)2°C to 35°C
Ambient temperature (min/max)2°C to 48°C
Feed pressure (min/max)30 PSI to 60 PSI
pH lvel (min/max)6 to 11
Output pressure65 PSI
Operating pressure200 PSI
Output≥ 9 GPM
TDS input< 3,000
Power110 - 240 V, 50 / 60Hz; dedicated GFCI

Specifications subject to change without notice.
**Input levels outside of device parameters may require pretreatment such as a water softener or iron breaker.
Designed in an ISO 13485 facility in Michigan, USA.

Maximum Inputs

PFOA/PFOS25,000 ppt
Lead150 ppb
Iron2 ppm
Arsenic50 ppb
Nitrate30 ppm
Nitrite3.5 ppm
Hardness20 gpg
Chromium 6300 ppb
Chromium Total300 ppb
Barium10 ppm
Radium25 pCi/L
Fluoride8 ppm
Chlorine4 ppm
Chloramines4 ppm
VOCs(detailed list available)
Turbidity1 ntu

ppm = parts per million  |  ppb = parts per billion  |  ppt = parts per trillion  |  gpg = grains per gallon

Model 1
Model 2
HANS Premium Water logoMODEL 1MODEL 2
Output (gallons per minute)2.3 to 3.5Up to 9
Maximum TDS Processing ability750 ppm3,000 ppm
Recovery rate*Up to 80%Up to 90%
Pump1-speedVariable speed**
High-turbulence micro-burst flush
Salt free
Works on municipal and well
Modular assembly
Maintenance program
Enclosed for noise reduction
Can be installed outdoors
Recirculates waste water for higher recovery
Hardness levels outside of specifications may require pretreatment. *Recovery rates vary according to water conditions. **Pump speed adjusts according to water demand.

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The test results say it all. Get the great-tasting, crystal-clear,
virtually contaminant-free water your family deserves.