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Water that comes straight from the tap can rarely be used for commercial operations. By using HANS™ Premium Water system, we seek to provide you with the best water quality for any industrial application.

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HANS™ Premium Water Appliance is the only water treatment system of its kind. It removes up to 99.9% of contaminants in the water for use in manufacturing and other industries.

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HANS™ Premium Water Appliance Model 2
Model 2

The HANS™ Premium Water Appliance

The HANS™ Premium Water Appliance delivers consistent, virtually contaminant-free water day after day, month after month. We energize Industrial businesses with cost effective and sustainable solution.

Promotes Sustainability

  • Produces reclaimed water from wastewater for non-potable water needs to reduce the scarcity of freshwater.
  • Reclamation of blowdown water from cooling water for cost saving.
  • Produces clean water that exceeds the standards for drinking water recommended by WHO.

Equipment protection and cost savings

  • Keeps water-using appliances and filters free from scale buildup, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Increase the efficiency and operational life of surgical equipment and instruments.
  • Monitors water quality and usage in real time. Data is available on the appliance and sent to your mobile devices.
Run units in parallel for high demand applications.

For high-demand applications, multiple HANS Premium Water Appliances can be installed in parallel. This can drastically reduce downtime as one unit can be taken off line for service without disrupting water flow, keeping your business running and profitable.

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